Residential Electrical Services

We are a full-service residential electrical repair company for new and remodeled homes.

Pritchard Electric has been providing residential electrical services in the Austin area for ten years.  Our dedicated team of electricians are experienced in diagnosing electrical problems and making repairs safely, efficiently and cost effectively. Our goal is to make your home as electrically safe and efficient as possible while adhering to all electrical codes and requirements.  We also want to ensure that we live up to our “A True Service Company” policy by providing excellent service from start to finish.  We understand that delays or interruptions in electrical service can interfere with your daily life and make things difficult so we deliver prompt and reliable electrical services.  Call us today to schedule service!Edited Residential Work (2)

We have the experience and are licensed to provide:

  • New electrical services
  • New circuit additions
  • Lighting repairs, both inside and outside



Is your home in need of a repair, upgrade or replacement?  Pritchard Electric does that as well.

Our electricians are experienced and licensed to repair and replace:

  • Plugs & switches
  • Lights
  • Ceiling fans
  • Smoke alarms
  • Appliance and telephone wiring